2.2.0 released - special chr pasting modes & more

NEXXT 2.2.0 is here. It solves various user reported bugs, and adds 2 features. 

The most significant one is the three special CHR paste hotkeys, and their related toolbox. 
Hit shift+F3 to open the toolbox. Use Shift+Ctrl+V, Ctrl+Alt+V, and Shift+Ctrl+Alt+V to use the modes. 
Modes are 3 different categories of pasting algorithms; roughly grouped as "colour masked paste", "positive paste" and "negative paste". 
This all works a bit akin to Adobe Illustrators' pathfinder tool, but for indexed mode graphics instead of vector graphics.

Second feature is relatively minor, but quite useful:
You can now keep track of metatile usage. You can also compare metatile usage by selecting one metatile and hovering over another. 

Source, changelog, and a new cheat sheet included in the latest zip.

Lastly, i've updated the thank you list on the about page to include the newest couple patrons. 
If you'd like to support me in my work developing this tool, consider joining here


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40 days ago


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