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NEXXT is an all-in-one studio for making fully NES compatible graphics. 

It's a free to use continuation based off Shiru's classic NES Screen Tool (NESST). The original is in of itself responsible for a huge quality jump in the NES homebrew scene when it was first released, thanks to its focus on tile-efficient screen construction and a fast, modifier key based interface.

Having used NESST for years, when it ceased receiving updates, i decided develop the features I always wanted. Fast forward a couple years, NEXXT now has several factors the originals' feature set, with 160.000 lines of code improving on the originals' 14.500.  

The tool emulates the rules of the NES PPU (picture processing unit). This has 2 benefits: You can always be sure that anything you create in NEXXT is NES displayable.

It also helps learning how NES graphics works efficiently, & helps provide many insights how to "outsmart" the restrictions. That said, the NES restrictions emulated  in NEXXT shouldn't be taken dogmatically as hard limits. Some things can be bent with cartridge hardware or clever programming. 

The tool is free & public domain, though coins in the tip jar are appreciated and will help me set more time aside to continue development & documentation.

Please also consider joining my patreon.  Lastly, feel free to follow my twitter which is solely dedicated to making NES games & graphics, as well as sharing the works of others in related fields. 

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