2.1.4 - important fix + improvements

This version fixes the various issues that snuck into a number of save/open .chr file actions; resolving a crash and further mishaps. 

It also makes working with the navigator & metatile editor an overall smoother experience; with less redundant cpu load at inconvenient times. 

Lastly, another hotkey was added. While on the nametable/map, N toggles the metatile editors' "clonestamp on" button. 
If you're new to it; the clonestamp temporarily replaces the regular tile brush as long as the metatile editor is open, and the "clonestamp on" button in that editor is down. 


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44 days ago


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Hello, Is it normal that the application exports the .BMP with masked transparency data? And if so, is there any way to disable it?

First time i've heard of it. Alpha mask is a relatively new addition to the bmp format header and nexxt does not support it.

If i had to guess, that other tool you're using is interpreting the bitmap and superimposing the mask in absence of one, but it's just my guess. 

Sorry for the delay, I have let several days pass to investigate if something changed when exporting and I found something interesting, now the image saves correctly, but if I compare it has a few different sectors: Files