NEXXT 2.0.1 Released!

After nearly a year of development, the next major version of NEXXT is here. 

The list of additions and improvements goes beyond what fits a blog post, so please consult the changelog. Tutorials will be made eventually. In summary:

-Attribute Overlay (replaces Attribute checker, comes with options toolbox). -A session may keep any number of chr banks. -Tilesets A/B expanded to A...D; their tiles are mappable to any offset of any chr bank.

-Metatile editor - generate, edit and place metatiles. You can work with 2x2, 4x4 and/or 8x8 metatiles concurrently, with or without palette attributes. -CHR bank selector (manages banks and maps tiles to banks - can apply common mapper rules, or map freely). -CHR bank swapper (moves chr sets in physical memory)

-3 collision tools: bitwise chr collision (improved), bitwise metatile collision, tile ID collision

-Swap Bucket (swaps colour of 2 fields; field colour for pen colour) -Gap Aware Bucket (fill a field even though its borders has small gaps. It can also repair gaps in line art without filling the field.) -Lots of options in the bucket toolbox. You can for example draw an edge detecting line, cone or quarter in any of 8 directions.

-New line tool algorithms: hyperbola/s-curve, hyperbolic line, hyperbolic concave, ellipse/circle, rectangle/square. -Line toolbox comes with 4 autosaved preset slots.

-Brush mask editor completely revamped. brush sizes range from 2-16, you can set a custom snap distance on either axis, 14 brush slots, 360 degree rotation, make brush mask from chr or nametable, lots of presets.

-Pipelines tool (collects 3 features: associate other session, linked mode editing (multiple sessions can view/edit the same tileset of another), autoexport (just metatiles for now).

-Navigator has scrollbars -Emphasis palette generator (useful when embedding a game in an emulator, for example). -Improved NES ROM importer with difference checker feature.

-Possibly in the hundreds of small quality of life improvements, mini additions, and bugfixes.


56 days ago


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