Serious bugs found & fixed: v0.14.1 is out.

I apologise for the frequency i've put out new versions this month, but it's been one of explosive growth. 
With 0.14, two somewhat nasty bugs snuck in and messed up at least one persons' saved .nam file. This is now fixed.

Full 0.14.1 changelog. 

Important bugfixes!

  • Introduced in 0.14: Erroneously switched extention of .nam and .nrle formats when saving due to a logic miss. Also forced both to be RLE:d. Fixed.
  • Introduced in 0.14: Erroneously assumed rle formats were nam formats when loading for similar reasons. Fixed.

Less critical, but fixed nevertheless:

  • Introduced somewhere around 0.7: Metasprite priority up/down buttons always manipulated the first metasprite only. Fixed. Now manipulates the current metasprite.
  • Introduced unknown: Hotkey for toggling grid on/off didn't automatically update the tilesheet visuals. Fixed. 

Lightbox mode:

  • Previously "secretly" available via the [pause] key on full keyboards, Lightbox mode is now exposed and available under the Window menu.


NEXXT 553 kB
Aug 25, 2022


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