new version with some major improvements: 0.13

This version adds no less than 6 new subpalette tools that should enable more creative experimentation and quicker colour editing, 2 new PPUMASK actions & individual PPUMASK editing per palette set. It also adds quality-of-life improvements in regards to the Type In mode, and when using floating windows. A few actions have their hotkeys active in a few more contexts where it makes sense.

Not least, this version should make features a lot more discoverable, and the tool should generally speaking be easier to get into. A lot of helpful descriptions, guides and tips are now displayed in the status bar when hovering over the various main controls. 

There's some more minor stuff. For details, please see below if interested.

Excerpt from the changelog:




New Palette tools:

Placed to the right of the subpalettes; 

-The new buttons [<] and [>] shift the colour indices of the Active Subpalette left and right on the system palette. Grayscale colours are ignored.

-The new buttons [/] and [\] tilt colour #1 + colour #3 of the Activie Subpalette in opposite directions. Again, grayscale colours are ignored.

One of the buttons does the same but in reverse. 


Tip: These buttons are neat for helping building "hue ramps" more quickly. using these controls, 

it's often more useful/natural to tilt the bright colour towards the warm/yellow and the dark colour towards the cold/blue, though there may be artistic exceptions. 

-The new buttons [-] and [+] increase or decrease the value (brightness) of a subpalette. Note that this, unlike the hue buttons, 

can be quite destructive edits as colours are pushed into white or black and the "hue nybble" of the original colour gets lost. 

Tip: These 6 new buttons work best when you've put into regular practice to set checkpoints [shift+ctrl+z] and revert to checkpoints.

Since this button set essentially make what corresponds to many manual edits in just a few clicks, it's nice to set a point which is easy to go back to.

This both enables creative experimentation and reduces risk.

Emphasis bits/PPUMASK improvements:

-PPUMASK (R,G,B, and monochrome mode bits) are now stored per palette set. 

-2 new actions are available through the menu or hotkeys to complement this expansion:

- Clear emphasis [ctrl-E]

- Clone emphasis to all sets [Shift+Ctrl-E]

"Type in" mode improvements:

-[Escape] now exits "Type in" mode (Ctrl+T still works too). 

-[Shift+Enter] performs a "reverse" carriage return - back and 1 step up.

-Minor fix: When entering Type In mode with the hotkey T, if an origin was already selected the cursor would jump 1 step to the right. This is now fixed.

Floating window improvements:

-[Escape] now closes the currently active floating window (CHR editor & metasprite manager).

-[period] and [comma] keys for prev/next metasprite now from active floating windows too.

-All main editor tabs are now switchable even while a floating window is active.

New tooltips in the status readout:

-All buttons in the right hand side panel of the main window now have useful descriptions and hints in the status bar when hovered over. 


-Bug report fixed: Switching to and from the Tileset tab with the Function keys now correctly swaps the screen view to the small canvas and back.


NEXXT 544 kB
Aug 14, 2022


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